Gelligaer Surgery

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Family Planning

For advice on contraception please make a routine General Surgery appointment with the nurse.

Antenatal Care Clinic

Routine antenatal check-ups by our qualified midwife. Appointments are available to book for a Friday, morning and afternoon. Please book these appointments through our receptionists.

Mother and Well Baby Clinic

A drop-in clinic for advice, routine baby checks and weight checking. Vaccinations for all children up to age 5. The health visitor, nurse and a doctor are in surgery. This clinic is held every other Tuesday  in Gelligaer Surgery. All our patients are welcome to attend, but for those who are unable, vaccinations and immunisations can be given by the practice nurse in a routine appointment. Please be aware, this is a well baby clinic. Children who are unwell should not attend and will not be seen by the doctor. Please see emergency section of the website. Every other Tuesay 1:30.00pm – 3:30pm at Gelligaer.


Routine and travel vaccinations for all ages are available during General Surgery times by appointment with our nurses.

Holiday and travel vaccinations are given in routine nurse appointment. You should contact the surgery as soon as you are able and leave your information with reception. The nurse can then check what vaccinations and immunisations you may need and advise you. The nurse will make an appropriate appointment with you.

We run a flu clinic each year in October. Ask at reception for further information.


Annual and regular check-ups and advice from practice nurses on lifestyle, inhaler techniques and medication. Please make an appointment in the Asthma clinic.

Phlebotomy Clinics

The practice has phlebotomy (blood taking) clinics every morning.

Blood tests can only be taken on advice from the doctor or nurse and a completed form must be produced.

Diabetic Clinic

Regular check-ups and advice from practice nurses on lifestyle, podiatry, neurology tests, blood sugars and medication. Please make an appointment in the Diabetic Clinic.

You need to have had a blood and urine test (Microalbuminurea – has to be sent off for testing) at least 1 week before your appointment.

Diabetic patients are called to surgery a minimum of twice a year; some patients need to be seen every 3 months. The main review (during your birthday month) is a 30 minute appointment, interim reviews are only 15 minute appointments.

Chronic Disease Management

Annual and regular check ups and advice from practice nurses on lifestyle, medication and relevant areas for diseases such as Hypertension, Coronary Heart Disease, Obesity and COPD. These are 10 minute appointments with the nurse.


When booking your appointment you will be given a letter with instructions which must be followed. Clinics are held by the healthcare assistant during the afternoon. Unfortunately we only have one spirometry machine, and therefore patients have to attend Gelligaer Surgery for this clinic.


Annual and regular check ups are performed by the Doctor and you will be invited for a review appointment during the month of your birthday.

Cytology (Smear) Clinic

Practice nurses provide cytology clinics (Smears). The service is managed across Wales by Cytology Screening Wales and patients are sent reminders by this service.

Allied agencies and services

Citizens Advice

CAB attend Gelligaer fortnightly. Every other Tuesday. You will need to make an appointment with out receptionist to book into this clinic.

Healthcare Assistant Clinics

Routine appointments for care such as ear syringing (a doctor must be seen before this can be done), blood pressure, Vitamin B injections, ECG’s, removal of sutures etc are available daily. Please make an appointment with the healthcare assistant.

If you have a wound that needs re-dressing, you will initially be seen by the nurse, who may refer you on to the healthcare assistant if the wound is not complex.


Cryotherapy (freezing of skin tags / veruccas etc)  A routine appointment must be made with either GP before cryotherapy.